15 Sep 2009

PNG/Australia military exercise to be wrapped up

1:17 pm on 15 September 2009

The Papua New Guinea Defence Force says an exercise over the past week with Australian soldiers was designed to test skills in various emergency situations.

200 PNG and 600 Australian soldiers have been involved in the exercise named Olgeta Warrior near Port Moresby.

A spokesperson for the PNGDF, Captain Alios Tom, says the exercise was set up to test how well the two forces would work together, and how they cope in different environments.

"We combine the two forces together to do exercises like a simulation of natural disasters and all that. We work together to test capabilities to see how we address those things in terms of going in, saving lives and then going to the next phase of rehabilitation and reconstruction, so that's the whole aim of the exercise."

Captain Alios Tom..

Operation Olgeta Warrior ends later today .