15 Sep 2009

Pacific dignitaries explore setting up indigenous governing body

7:09 pm on 15 September 2009

A spokesperson for a meeting of Pacific dignitaries says costly mistakes have been avoided in the set up of its indigenous governing body thanks to help from an expert on sovereignty issues.

Matt Seymor says about 60 delegates from Tahiti, Hawaii, Fiji and Tonga were in New Zealand for last week's gathering.

Mr Seymor says a member of the self-styled Reinstated Government of Hawaii, Henry Noa, explained how delegates could set up a single governing body.

"None of them had been down this line before and they were trying to create things there that were new to everyone. So, mistakes were going to be made from this first hui, but what Henry was explaining, he has a method and the right protocol and processes in place in order to take those steps for them."

Matt Seymor.