22 Sep 2009

Answers wanted in American Samoa over Tulafono blocking a business license

11:08 am on 22 September 2009

In Pago Pago, American Samoan Representative Galumalemana Bill Satele has asked for a hearing into why the governor is withholding a business license for MYD Samoa Inc, which operates the marine railway at Satala.

Mr Satele referred to media reports that the company has been trying to get a license for some time and the governor is blocking the business permit.

He has asked the House hold a hearing to find out the truth.

He also commented on the offer by the owner of MYD Marine for a ferry to travel to Manu'a.

Mr Satele says this is a generous offer which will benefit the territory, especially since it's having problems with the MV Sili.

He says the MYD owner is prepared to appear before the House and explain his offer.

The founder and chairman of MYD Marine, Dan Delmonico, has offered to bring a high tech ferry the Navagante to the territory at no cost to ASG to be used for transportation to Manu'a.

However he says the offer is contingent on the governor approving a business license for MYD Samoa.