22 Sep 2009

Solomons public employment dispute remains unresolved

12:58 pm on 22 September 2009

The Solomon Islands Public Employees Union says its members will be in limbo for another two weeks as the Trades Dispute Panel has made no decision on living cost adjustments.

The government has agreed to a 9.5 percent increase in wages for all public sector workers, but the Public Employees Union is dissatisfied with the deal.

Its General Secretary Paul Belande says it presented its concerns to the Trade Dispute Tribunal today.

"The panel doesn't see fit for us to arbitrate, so they gave us another 14 days. The tribunal will be appointing two conciliators that will conciliate between the SIG [government] and the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union."

Paul Belande says it's calling for a number of things, including allowances for all workers and for living cost adjustments that are tied to the consumer price index, rather than the workers' salaries.