22 Sep 2009

Fiji's GCC gone but gets new building

6:25 pm on 22 September 2009

There is no further indication as to the future of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs, although a specially built meeting house is due to be officially opened this week.

The facility is now to be named Vale ni Bose, or the meeting house, rather than be specifically identified with the GCC.

The interim Defence Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, who is also a former Chairman of the GCC, says he has no knowledge of what is likely to happen to the body:

"The substantive minister, who is the Prime Minister, is the one who is going to decide on when we move in that direction."

The GCC was suspended in 2007 and the criteria for membership was changed.

The body itself was dissolved when the constitution was abrogated in April this year.

Ratu Epeli says he is not disappointed the meeting house has been completed at a time when there is no GCC, saying one must be optimistic and have an open mind