23 Sep 2009

Bougainville needs millions of dollars to manage cocoa pod borer

10:34 am on 23 September 2009

The autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville needs nearly four million US dollars to manage the cocoa pod borer pest that's threatening one of the region's premier cash crops.

The Post Courier newspaper says the province has also adopted a strategy called Integrated Pest and Disease Management to try and manage the infestation.

The money is being sought from the National Government this week by the Bougainville Cocoa Pod Borer committee, which is headed by the province's regional MP, Fidelis Semoso.

The aim is to manage the pest outbreak because it is impossible to eradicate it.

The Integrated Pest and Disease Management plan requires small holders to more intensively manage their farms using the best systems available.

Bougainville has regained its position as PNG's biggest producer of cocoa so the presence of the borer represents a major threat to the province's economic wellbeing.