23 Sep 2009

American Samoa's Togiola asks for another US$20m for cannery plan

1:12 pm on 23 September 2009

The American Samoan governor is to ask for 20 million US dollars in public money to finance the operations of the cannery which is about to close but which he wants to buy.

This funding request is on top of the five million dollars that Togiola Tulafono is asking the fono to approve to purchase assets of Chicken of the Sea Incorporated.

An appropriations bill for the five million dollars was introduced in both the House and Senate this morning.

The governor is tapping the Refunding Bond Account for the money to buy the Samoa Packing plant facilities, including buildings, freezers, supplies, applicable licenses, permits and the remaining leasehold.

He says the planned purchase is to keep the cannery operating and people employed.

He said this would put the territory in the best position to have another company come in and run the cannery.