28 Sep 2009

Samoa government to run lottery to fund sports and assist charitable organisations

11:26 am on 28 September 2009

The Samoa government's Totalisator Agency Board, or TAB, will soon launch a new lottery called Samoa National Lotto aimed at funding sports development and charitable organisations.

It will be the second local lottery to be run and operated in Samoa.

But TAB secretary, Oloipola Terrence Betham, says the first Lotto Samoa game, owned by a prominent business family, will cease to operate in two years time.

According to the secretary, the government ,through the TAB board, has decided not to have an individual or company run a lottery in the future.

He says the government is concerned the amount of commission or money paid by the current lottery business, since it started more than a decade ago, is not enough to help fund sporting events and charity works.

Oloipola says the government is also concerned that running a lottery by a company would only benefit a few people and not the public.

The license for the Lotto Samoa Company which is owned by the family of a government MP will be finished in December 2011.