28 Sep 2009

Hearings due to begin this week in Solomons into MP entitlements

12:17 pm on 28 September 2009

The Parliamentary House Committee in Solomon Islands is expected to begin hearings this week on the inquiry into additional entitlements for members of parliament which includes a terminal grant for MP's wives.

Under the 2009 Parliamentary Entitlements Regulation, increases and new awards were approved for MPs including a grant for spouses when MPs leave.

Our correspondent Dorothy Wickham says The House Committee will be examining the 6230 US dollar terminal grant at the High Court, following public outcries earlier this year.

"There were a lot of complaints about it; especially now during such financial times, that was a very unreasonable ask of the public. And also whether it was legally right and whether regulation allows such an increase. I think that's why they asked the special select committee to take a look at this issue."

Dorothy Wickham says the public has been expressing their desire for MPs to have a social conscience and look after people's needs before gaining extra privileges.