28 Sep 2009

CNMI evacuates 12 people stuck after super typhoon

1:07 pm on 28 September 2009

The Northern Marianas is evacuating 12 people stuck on northern islands after a devastating typhoon.

Eight people were left on Alamagan, and four on nearby Agrihan, after Super Typhoon Choi-Wan hit the area earlier this month.

A family of six, including a newborn, was flown off Alamagan more than a week ago on a US Navy helicopter.

The Disaster Management Office's Juan Camacho says a fishing vessel left the capital on Friday to pick up the remaining victims.

Mr Camacho says there are no seats or cover on the fishing boat.

"It's just a local fishing vessel; it's a chartered boat, according to the owner, he said it was US coastguard certified, [but] I haven't seen the document yet."

Juan Camacho says the office chose a fishing vessel to save money.

The 12 are expected to arrive in the capital today or tomorrow.