30 Sep 2009

Eight dead after a school fete shoot out in PNG

4:09 pm on 30 September 2009

In Papua New Guinea, eight people are dead, while a notorious criminal and ring leader of the attack is on the run, after a school fete shoot out.

Four people were killed at the fete on Friday and the other four deaths came over the weekend and on Monday when villagers retaliated during a battle in Eastern Highlands Province.

The police told PNG's National newspaper the trouble started when the gang attacked people at the fete which was attended by up to 4,000 locals.

Four villagers were killed while women and children were injured.

One eye witness told PNG's Post Courier a drunk gang member interrupted the speeches then produced a handgun and shot dead a village court magistrate.

The police have confirmed the eight deaths, four from Tafesa village.

It says the villagers then beheaded a gang member and hung his head on a power pole.