5 Oct 2009

American Samoa tsunami clean-up to take weeks

11:58 am on 5 October 2009

The initial clean-up in American Samoa from the 8.0 earthquake which triggered the tsunami is still nowhere near finished.

At least 32 people in the United States territory were killed when waves up to six metres high hit the island five days ago.

Officials say it will be weeks before debris is cleared from affected villages.

The director of public works, Tatao Tui, is optimistic his staff of sixty, with villagers helping out, can make good progress this week.

"Right now we are concentrating on the main road to make it easier for everybody to go from one end of the island to the other . And also to remove some of the debris from the school before they start on Monday. Maybe some school is completely destroyed."

Tatao Tui, the director of public works in American Samoa.