6 Oct 2009

Talks over 3 year delay for Fiji's tsunami warning system

2:38 pm on 6 October 2009

The possible use of a tsunami warning system, which has been sitting in an electronics warehouse in Fiji for three years, will be discussed next week.

This comes as the Fiji disaster management authorities are concerned at the stalemate over installing the equipment.

It consists of sirens which can be activated by a text message and have a four-kilometre range.

The director of Safeway Electronics, Tauz Khan, who owns the system, says financial constraints have caused delays.

"I said it's not going to work because it's still in my warehouse. And that call actually came from a few government departments, and until now nothing has happened. But after the Samoa disaster they have woken up again and said 'let's do something about it'. Whether it's going to fizzle out or something will be done we'll have to wait and see."

Tauz Khan says the government disaster agency DISMAC has organised a meeting next week to try and make progress with installing the warning system.