7 Oct 2009

Close eye kept on Vanuatu volcano that's spitting ash

12:44 pm on 7 October 2009

Volcanologists in Vanuatu are closely monitoring the Gaua volcano to consider whether to move its alert to level two.

The volcano located in the centre of the Gaua island in northern Vanuatu has been spitting gasses and ash since late September and has been on alert level one since the 29th.

The highest volcano alert level is five.

A senior vulcanologist at the geohazards department, Douglas Charley, says his team has recorded more activity since last night.

"Very late yesterday the team started to observe an increase of a high volcanic high frequency. The level remains at one and we'll be trying to observe this until the next 48 hours. If it's increasing [further], then we'll be putting it [up] to level two."

Douglas Charley says they have one monitoring station in the field, but are now requesting more to get more reliable data.