8 Oct 2009

CNMI governor to complain over arrest of driver

8:22 am on 8 October 2009

The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Governor, Benigno Fitial, is to lodge a formal complaint against the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration for not informing him of an ongoing investigation into his former driver's alleged drug dealing.

Pete Reyes, a driver and bodyguard of the governor was arrested for allegedly selling methamphetamine, or ice, using his boss's car.

Governor Fitial says the failure to inform him of the investigation was a breach of protocol that could have endangered his life and that of his family.

The governor says DEA chose not to inform him of the investigation,begun in December 2008, when protocol requires the federal agency to do so.

In a news briefing Governor Fitial said he will let the justice system take its course on Reyes' case.

However, he says DEA's handling of the investigation is disappointing.