12 Oct 2009

World Bank says it is not about to extend loans to Fiji, despite Commodore's claim

7:44 pm on 12 October 2009

The World Bank is rejecting claims from Fiji's interim leader that it is preparing to provide it with assistance.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama last week told Fiji media that the International Monetary Fund and World Bank expressed support for Fiji at the agencies annual meetings in Turkey.

He says the agencies also back the structural changes his government has made and plan to visit early next month for further dialogue.

The Commodore says the World Bank and the IMF will map out detailed programmes to assist Fiji with its structural reforms.

He says this will help it tap into global expertise and funding at concessionary rates.

But the World Bank's Sydney office says while officials will travel to Fiji they are doing so to get a better sense of the situation there.

The office says the agencies will continue to closely follow the lead taken by Australia and New Zealand over the regime.

It says there are no immediate plans to provide loans to Fiji.