14 Oct 2009

Criticism of French nuclear compo bill ahead of Senate debate

12:15 pm on 14 October 2009

Nuclear test veterans and opposition politicians in France have called on the French government to improve the proposed compensation for victims of the weapons tests in Algeria and French Polynesia.

A bill, known as the Loi Morin, considering giving assistance for those affected by the weapons tests has been passed by the French Assembly and is now to be debated in the Senate today.

The head of the French veterans group AVEN says the proposal is deceptive while the head of the Communists in the Senate says the plan gives no real right to compensation.

A Socialist Senator says after 18 bills have failed to become law, this is a partial response.

A senior member of the Moruroa e tatou veterans group has spoken out against what he calls the nuclear offenders who are in the administration giving advice to the defence minister.