19 Oct 2009

Tongan activist begins second week of hunger strike

8:16 pm on 19 October 2009

The president of the Tongan Women's National Congress says despite having lost between 15 and 20 kilogrammes in weight she remains committed to a hunger strike aimed at changing the government.

Mele 'Amanaki and other congress members began prayers and fasting a week ago in protest at what they describe as the injustices and poor governance of the Prime Minister and his deputy.

The congress maintains domestic violence has risen under Dr Feleti Sevele's leadership and it's criticised his handling of the Princess Ashika disaster.

Last Thursday the group presented the King with a petition calling for a replacement Prime Minister and Ms 'Amanaki says God is sustaining her while she awaits the King's response.

"I have the faith in the Lord that he will give me the strength. And if I don't then this is the cup that he has given me. I only hope that whatever I do will just glorify his name and I'm not afraid that I may die, I'm not afraid at all. No fear."