22 Oct 2009

French Polynesia's Flosse learns of political future today

6:08 am on 22 October 2009

The French Polynesian veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, is today expected to find out whether his political career has come to an end.

A month after losing an appeal court case in Tahiti, his career depends on a decision by the French constitutional council.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"Gaston Flosse was given a suspended one-year jail sentence and fined for misusing public funds in 2004. However, his lawyers say the appeal court in French Polynesia cannot deprive him of his mandate as French senator and French Polynesian assembly member because the conviction has been referred to France's highest appeal court. The constitutional council in Paris will take this into account today when it is due to decide whether it should make the Tahiti court ruling binding. This could either end his career or leave him exposed to the machinations of the OPT corruption affair, over which he was again questioned yesterday as investigators want his parliamentary immunity lifted."