22 Oct 2009

Niue government looks at a number of tourism initiatives

7:15 am on 22 October 2009

Taking tenders for a casino licence is one of the initiatives Niue's government is proposing, following a New Zealand-government commissioned report on the island's tourism industry.

The report details what needs to occur to ensure a flourishing tourism industry, and was drawn up by a New Zealand businessman.

Niue's premier, Toke Talagi, says the report will now go to a committee selected by both governments, to figure out what needs to be done.

Mr Talagi says his government is already working on a number of initiatives to increase visitor numbers.

"Including the fact that we will be advertising for companies interested in taking up a casino licence. The announcement was made by the minister of agriculture at the show day. And we should have the frameworks put in place that we need to put in place for that within the next two months and then we'll put it out for tender."

Toke Talagi says he believes Niue should be in a position to be building new accommodation by, at the latest, June next year.