28 Oct 2009

Paris poised to annul French Polynesian employment law

2:48 pm on 28 October 2009

Reports from Paris say the French supreme court has been advised to quash a new French Polynesian law aimed at protecting jobs of locals.

This follows a challenge by the French high commissioner, Adolphe Colrat, who believes that a law restricting 95 percent of public service positions to French Polynesians violates French constitutional provisions for equal access.

His view is being backed by the expert advising the court which usually acts on the expertise given to it.

Another local law, passed under the autonomy provisions, requires job applicants to have lived in the territory for five years to be eligible to work.

The changes were passed by the French Polynesia assembly almost unanimously.

This was criticised by the Commerce Federation which says it wants to know how there is proof of excessive competition by non-residents to justify the restrictions.