2 Nov 2009

Favouritism claims amid Samoa tsunami recovery

2:33 pm on 2 November 2009

There are claims the constituencies of the Samoan Prime Minister and one of his ministers are receiving help to restore infrastructure following last month's tsunami ahead of other areas.

The former government minister, Palusalue Faapo the Second, who has now joined the Tautua Samoa party, is questioning the fairness of the assistance being delivered.

He says when his party visited areas affected by the tsunami, they heard complaints that some constituencies were receiving preferential treatment for the repair of infrastructure such as roads, water and power.

"The help for the infrastructure, it seems that they arriving late for them. I think they are addressing the Prime Minister's and the Minister's villages first."

Palusalue Faapo is calling on the government to reveal the total amount of international aid donated for the disaster, and to ensure it goes towards the tsunami recovery and not other projects.

The government in Samoa has yet to respond to the latest criticism of the tsunami recovery effort, but last week denied reports aid was being misappropriated.