2 Nov 2009

Fiji Law Society head says too late for Chief Justice speak up for judges

5:07 pm on 2 November 2009

The head of Fiji's law society says it is now too late for Fiji's chief justice to be standing up for Fiji's judiciary.

Chief Justice, Anthony Gates, has called on Australia and New Zealand to stop imposing travel restrictions on Fiji's judiciary.

In a statement, he calls on judges in Australia and New Zealand to speak to their parliamentary colleagues about what he calls the interference of their governments.

But the Law Society's Dorsami Naidi says some members of Australia's judiciary, at least, have made their feelings on the regime known, when the Court of Appeal ruled it was illegal.

He points out that following that ruling, the President abrogated the constitution and sacked the judiciary.

"When his and the other two judges decision in the Qarase case was overturned, by a court of appeal totally made up of Australian judges, did he stand up for the judiciary and tell the regime not to revoke the appointments of all judicial officers. You can't have it your own way, you can't say that we know the answers, and you fall in line, that's not how things work."

Dorsami Naidi.