3 Nov 2009

Pentagon won't address impact of military build-up on Guam says anthropologist

11:12 am on 3 November 2009

An anthropologist who studies US military operations around the world says she doesn't believe the Pentagon will address any concerns in Guam over the environmental impact of the military build-up on the island.

Guam has been granted an extra 90 days by federal officials to review the soon-to-be-released Draft Environmental Impact Study, or EIS, for the build-up.

The EIS is expected to be a highly technical document and Guam officials had wanted more than just 45 days to review it.

However Catherine Lutz says past form has shown it's unlikely that the military would let anything stand in the way of its plans for Guam.

"Will the United States Military decide to limit its activities, decide to limit the amount of people that they bring, the amount of land that they try and add to their bases, their operational areas on account of public unhappiness about some of impact assessment? I don't see that happening. I think this is very much - and this is the fear on Guam - that this is very much a done deal."

Catherine Lutz.