6 Nov 2009

E - parliament looks at Vanuatu energy projects

4:17 pm on 6 November 2009

Politicians from a number of countries belonging to the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of nations will this weekend be encouraged to draw up legislation on renewable energy.

They are to be addressed in Vanuatu by experts in the fields of wind, solar and biomass energy under the aegis of what's called the E - Parliament.

This organisation aims to foster the sharing of information with an emphasis on translating schemes from country to country.

A spokesperson for the E - Parliament, Jasper Bouverie, says the politicians will also be shown examples in Vanuatu where that country has managed to cut back its dependence on diesel fuel.

"The idea is that some of these politicians from Barbados and from the Bahamas and the Comoros and Seychelles and different places around thhe world can see what has been achieved in Vanuatu and realise the potential that is there for renewable energy and that they will be encouraged to go home and introduce legislation into their own Parliament."

Jasper Bouverie