12 Nov 2009

Mounting calls for direct dialogue with Fiji interim government

4:42 pm on 12 November 2009

Calls are mounting for the governments of New Zealand and Australia to speak directly to Fiji's interim leader.

Nik Naidu of the Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says the country's recent expulsions of New Zealand and Australian diplomats only emphasise that the approach the two governments are taking to steer Fiji more quickly towards democracy isn't working.

He says the interim regime's become even more entrenched in the three years since the last coup and he doesn't understand why the two governments won't deal directly with Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

"We understand the problem with Fiji but nothing's worked in three years and in two week's time it'll be the third anniversary of his last coup and we really need to find some form of dialogue or opening of dialogue otherwise Fiji is just going to digress into chaos."

Nik Naidu says the New Zealand and Australian governments must take an unusual approach to the situation with Fiji for the sake of its people.