13 Nov 2009

Agreement reached on key regional fisheries management treaty framework

2:06 pm on 13 November 2009

Delegates at a key Auckland meeting negotiating the establishment of the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organisation are expected to formally adopt the treaty under which the new body will operate by tomorrow.

The Organisation is being set up to fill a large management gap in international fisheries, covering species not covered by already established tuna commissions, outside South Pacific countries' exclusive economic zones.

The head of the New Zealand delegation, Gerard Van Bohemen, says delegates have all agreed on the treaty document.


IN:......Which was a very big success and an outcome that we've been working towards for three years. So it's all been sent back by all the delegations to their home governments for consideration rapidly in the hope that when we convene later on this evening they can confirm that it's acceptable and we can then formaly adopt it on Saturday morning.

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The delegtes from Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America are also expected to agree on interim measures to protect endangered fish species as the treaty won't come into effect for up to four years.