16 Nov 2009

UNDP conference to consider economic solutions to protect vulnerable including Pacific

9:42 am on 16 November 2009

The Representative of the United Nations Development Programme says it's hoping a conference addressing the global economic crisis will result in solutions to protect the most vulnerable people in the Pacific.

The conference on The Human Face of the Global Economic Crisis will convene in February 2010 through a partnership between the UNDP, Vanuatu government and other development agencies.

The UNDP representative Knut Ostby says there's a time lag with the crisis hitting the Pacific and there's been little focus on how the region is to deal with it.

He says the worst may not yet be over, and hopes the conference will produce positive results for the poorest people.

"We expect that it'll be posible to identify both short and long-term responses to mitigate the impacts that are being felt already and will be felt in the immediate future and also to have responses that will help face future crises with greater resilience."

Knut Ostby from the UNDP.