17 Nov 2009

Fiji's ECREA expected to urge regime to offer widespread stake in forum

9:56 pm on 17 November 2009

Fiji's Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy is likely to urge the interim administration to encourage widespread involvement in an upcoming forum on the nation's future.

The Permanent Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office says the National Dialogue for Fiji's Future will build on the issues raised by the People's Charter.

Lieutenant Colonel Pio Tikoduadua says individuals and community leaders have been invited to submit an application to attend.

ECREA's Director, Chantelle Khan, says she does understand it can be very diffiuclt to make progress in discussions when sectors stick to their individual agendas.

But, Ms Khan says ECREA has learnt lessons about the importance of diverse opinion from it's involvement in the people's charter:

"So going to those meetings as part of the working group was a very interesting experience because around the table you had like minded thinkers and while that was good you also wanted a little bit of opposition to some of the ideas just to make the thinking even better."

Ms Khan says ECREA supports sustained dialogue and will soon consider applying for next year's forum