18 Nov 2009

Public to help review Samoa abortion law

5:25 pm on 18 November 2009

Samoa's Attorney General says the public will be consulted before deciding about how to update the law on abortion.

The Law Reform Commission plans to ask for public submissions next year on updating a variety of laws before making its final recommendations to Cabinet.

Ming Leung Wai says many laws were adopted from other countries, like New Zealand, around the time of independence, but they clash with traditional customs and beliefs.

He says it will be interesting to see what people think about a variety of laws, including the one on abortion.

"We still have the offence of abortion and a lot of people overseas have been arguing for that to be removed, and for abortion to be allowed. But in a Christian country that's going to be a very sensitive issue. So Cabinet is yet to state its position on abortion, that [will] come later on, but it is also interesting what the country will think about it when it goes out for broader consultations."

Ming Leung Wai, Samoa's Attorney General.