20 Nov 2009

Fiji Law Society queries decree allowing foreigner to be acting President

2:49 pm on 20 November 2009

The President of the Fiji Law Society says making a foreigner the acting President if Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is indisposed or out of the country, is disturbing and not good for Fiji.

Ratu Epeli was sworn in two weeks ago but Commodore Frank Bainimarama said there would be no Vice President.

Dorsami Naidu says the military regime has now passed a decree enabling Chief Justice Anthony Gates, who holds British and Australian citizenship, to be acting President in absence of Ratu Epeli.

But he says it's a disturbing that a foreigner could be the head of state and the commander in chief of the Fiji military.

"It's a very peculiar situation. It's not good for the country. It just affects the credibility of the individuals concerned and I think it puts the citizens of the country at a disadvantage in terms of not really being sure about the loyalty of these individuals."

Dorsami Naidu.