23 Nov 2009

French Polynesian instability irks sectors of the public

4:11 pm on 23 November 2009

A small rally has been held in French Polynesia in protest against local politicians changing sides and allegiances.

About 100 people of the group No Tou Fenua gathered in Papeete after a motion of no confidence was lodged which, if successful, will make Gaston Tong Sang the President for the second time since last year's early general election.

The group, which claims not be affiliated to any party, says it plans to send a petition to the French President Nicolas Sarkozy asking him to dissolve the assembly amid suggestions of a return to the territory being run by the French high commissioner.

It also plans to hold a fresh demonstration outside the assembly in two days when the motion is to be voted on.

The government that could be dumped was formed in April with the support of about 80 percent of the assembly.

It was the fourth time since the election which France had brought forward by a year amid hopes of bringing about greater political stability.