25 Nov 2009

Funding opposition will stabilise Solomons politics, says Sogavare

9:48 pm on 25 November 2009

The Solomon Islands Opposition Leader, Mannesah Sogavare, says the best way to bring stability to politics is to properly fund the Opposition.

He says this would deter MPs from crossing the floor - something the Government is aming to do with a Constitutional amendment that would make it illegal to swap parties during a parliamentary session.

Mr Sogavare and up to 14 other MPs are opposed to the changes and this might end the Government's hopes for the legislation which requires a two thirds vote.

He says MPs cross the floor because the financial opportunities are with Government and this has to change.

"Maybe we start by addressing that, formally establishing the office of shadow ministers, formally establishing the office of the deputy leader of the opposition, so we effectively have an opposition office that can put the government in check."

Manasseh Sogavare