27 Nov 2009

Deposed head of anti-Asian riot committee doubts committee investigation will succeed

3:24 pm on 27 November 2009

The deposed head of a committee investigating anti-Asian rioting in Papua New Guinea says he doubts whether it'll complete the task.

The MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham says the 15-member committee he chaired until Wednesday was in the process of preparing a progress report which he says identified governmental weaknesses and illegal activities.

He says three other members have resigned in protest at his removal, which he says was unlawfully conducted to protect the reputation and livelihood of government ministers involved in corrupt practices.

Mr Maxtone-Graham says he doesn't want to see his country go up in flames.

"Like it happened in Solomon Islands and Tonga and Kuala Lumpur in 1969 and in Indonesia. You know, these ethnic tensions and riots due to economic imbalances, we need to protect our indigenous people. This is their country and they have some rights and they have some opportunities reserved for them alone."

Jamie Maxtone-Graham says his removal from the committee will not stop the exposure of governmental corruption.