30 Nov 2009

Second stage complete of power restoration project in American Samoa

12:14 pm on 30 November 2009

Part of a three-tiered power restoration plan for American Samoa following the Sept. 29 tsunami has been implemented

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the American Samoa Power Authority "threw the switch" at the Satala power plant.

The power authority shutdown power in certain villages in the town and eastern district to enable it's crew to perform electrical work to transfer from the emergency generators to the Aggreko units that arrived on island more than a week ago.

Tier Two of the plan included the delivery, installation and activation of 27 Aggreko one-megawatt generators

Eighteen of the new generators are located at the Satala Power Plant with the remaining nine at the Tafuna plant.

Tier Two will be fully implemented once all 27 generators are activated, at which time the FEMA generators installed as part of Tier One will be shipped back to the mainland.

Tier Three of the power restoration plan for American Samoa will involve determining if the Satala Power plant can be repaired or will it need to be replaced.