30 Nov 2009

Bounty logbook sells at auction for US$66,000

5:02 pm on 30 November 2009

Bidders for a naval logbook detailing the first contact on Pitcairn Island with a surviving mutineer from HMS Bounty has been sold for 40 times its estimated value.

The logbook sold for nearly 66,000 US dollars at auction.

It features illustrations and voyage data compiled by 18-year-old Midshipman John Bolton Woodthorp aboard HMS Briton 25 years after the Bounty mutiny.

The crew of the Bounty, led by acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, mutinied against Captain William Bligh in 1789 and set him adrift in an open boat along with 18 others 24 days after setting sail from a long stay in Tahiti.

Captain Bligh survived by navigating to Timor.

The navy had unsuccessfully scoured the seas searching for the mutineers and the mutiny remains a popular part of history .

By the time of the Briton's arrival, the only surviving mutineer was John Adams, who was spared arrest.