3 Dec 2009

Flosse ordered back to jail as OPT probe continues

2:53 pm on 3 December 2009

French Polynesia's veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, has been ordered back to Tahiti's jail.

This follows his release last week after he had been detained for 16 days as part of an investigation into the OPT affair.

The prosecution wants him to be locked up as he is due to be questioned simultaneously with other key suspects in the days to come as investigative judges try to unravel what has been labelled a pact of corruption.

He had been freed on instructions of the president of the court of appeal.

But the prosecution appealed and he is now to return to Nuutania prison.

The probe centres on allegations that he and his party received kickbacks in excess of two million US dollars over a decade for giving public sector contracts to a French advertising executive.