7 Dec 2009

New Zealand signs grants assisting Vanuatu with land dispute resolution and education

6:00 am on 7 December 2009

New Zealand has signed agreements giving Vanuatu more than 13 million US dollars to assist it with resolving land disputes and to improve its education system.

The money, in the form of two grant funding agreements, will be distributed over the next three years.

New Zealand's high commissioner in Vanuatu, Jeff Langley, says the funding is part of the annual almost 14 million US dollar aid grant from this country.

He says the money gives the Vanuatu government some predictable funding.

"What's different I think about the agreements, particularly the education agreement, is that it's a long term agreement and it's an agreement that works rather than just saying we need to build half a dozen schools or we need to buy so many container-loads of books, it talks about what are the overall infrastructure needs for the country and how do you start to structure the ministry of education here to be able to provide those."