8 Dec 2009

Sailings added over holiday season in Tonga

12:56 pm on 8 December 2009

A private ferry operator in Tonga says the company has decided to have more sailings this month to meet expected passenger demand over the holiday period.

Tofa Ramsay Shipping operates the Tongatapu-'Eua-Tongatapu service, and has increased ferry sailings from two to three times per week for the month of December.

Its Chief Operating Officer, Seini Unga, says they expect more travellers.

"That's what we're hoping for. More passengers. More cargo to go in the cargo area. We're cheaper than the airline. Worked together with Ports Authority, Marine and Ports cause they have some rules and law that we have to fix everything and make sure that the boat is ready to go before leaving and we have to make sure all our life rafts are there."

Tofa Ramsay Shipping's Chief Operating Officer, Seini Unga, says they have complied with higher international marine standards and improved safety procedures.