9 Dec 2009

Tonga to probe possible land scams in Vava'u

2:38 pm on 9 December 2009

The Tongan Government is concerned at possible land scams in Vava'u and early next year will hold a Royal Commission Inquiry into unlawful sales there.

It has put public notices in the local media saying the inquiry will focus on allegedly illegal land sales mainly to foreigners through the internet.

The Secretary of the Royal Land Commission, Gloria Pole'o, says they want to determine how big a problem it is and make recommendations to Government on what action to take.

She says they do not yet have detailed information but do know that foreigners are the prime targets of the alleged scammers.

"We have received information that land is currently being advertised for sale or lease on the internet, mainly to foreigners. It is being advertised for sale to foreigners, non Tongans on the internet."

The inquiry is set to start in February next year.