9 Dec 2009

Torres Strait Islanders call for Australian govt help in climate change adaptation

9:53 pm on 9 December 2009

Torres Strait Islanders are calling on the Australian government to provide about 20 million US dollars for climate change adaptation.

The islands are located between Australia and Papua New Guinea, and are mostly part of Queensland.

A coastal erosion expert at Australia's James Cook University, Dr Kevin Parnell, says the Torres Strait communities are concerned about sea level rise, storminess and other effects of climate change.

"We are assisting the communities in seeking funding from various levels of government to try and implement some adaptation strategies. Currently something like 22 million dollars worth of works of various sorts are up before government for consideration."

Dr Kevin Parnell says many Torres Strait Islanders are concerned that Australia is committing adaptation funds for Pacific nations, before looking after them.