10 Dec 2009

Solomon Islands govt says telecommunications in country should improve

12:20 pm on 10 December 2009

The Government in Solomon Islands says the opening up of the country's telecommunications market to competition should significantly improve services

On Tuesday, Solomon Telekom Limited received a new license in exchange for its old license, ending its monopoly over telecommunications services in the country.

The Prime Minister Derek Sikua says he is now looking forward to a new mobile telecommunications provider launching services in about six months.

Dr Sikua says he expects competition between Solomon Telekom and the new mobile provider will bring significant improvements in quality, price and coverage to people and businesses.

He says the government is keen to encourage this as modern telecommunications serve as a platform for economic growth and social cohesion.

A new license for a mobile telecommunications provider is expected to be granted in the next ten days.

Other providers are permitted to enter the market after April 2011 under the Telecommunications Act.