12 Dec 2009

UN Pacific spokesperson says much more money is needed for adaptation

2:04 pm on 12 December 2009

A United Nations Pacific spokesperson says much more money is needed for climate change adaptation than has been on the table at the Copenhagen conference.

Taito Nakalevu, the manager of the United Nations environment programme's Pacific adaptation project, says a figure of ten billion US dollars a year was initially raised at the UN conference.

But he says figures from the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change and the World Bank suggest more than 100 billion dollars is required for adaptation.

Taito Nakalevu says the Alliance of Small Island States is calling for all developed nations to pay one percent of their GDP towards an annual fund of 150 billion to 200 billion dollars.

"Ten billion is not enough particularly for all the island countries and also the global, least developed countries and the vulnerable nations, basically that is why we are calling for higher figures to be put on the table."

Taito Nakalevu says they will continue to push for a greater contribution for adaptation during the negotiations.