14 Dec 2009

French Polynesia church to march against new nuclear compensation law

2:04 pm on 14 December 2009

French Polynesia's biggest church has called for a peaceful march against a new French law that offers partial compensation to some of the victims of France's nuclear weapons tests.

The Protestant Maohi church has called for the march at the end of this week, the day after the French defence minister Herve Morin arrives in Tahiti for a five-day visit.

In a statement, the church says the French law plans to turn a page on nuclear testing in French Polynesia while questions remain unanswered about the people's health and the environment.

The church calls on everybody, irrespective of creed or politics, to join the march as the demonstration is about the territory's future.

The minister is to visit the now defunct Moruroa test site and fly over Fangataufa atoll where the French military also tested nuclear weapons.