18 Dec 2009

American Samoa police investigate sales of chemicals used in homemade explosives

8:30 am on 18 December 2009

Police in American Samoa are on the look out for students buying cleaning chemicals from hardware stores, after reports that the chemicals are being used to make homemade explosive devices.

Ace American Industries alerted police about an unusual number of high school age students coming into the store to buy cleaning supplies.

The company's Office Manager, Nadine Solofa Taufaasau, told police that the students would ask for a specific brand of toilet bowl cleaner and were also buying muriatic acids for paint cleaners.

Out of curiosity Ace sales staff asked some of the students what they were using the cleaning agents for.

One student admitted that it's a new hobby for students to make cherry bombs and explosive devices form the chemicals.

Solofa Taufaasau says Ace has now imposed a restriction on the purchase of cleaning products.

Ace now requires buyers of cleaning supplies to be 18 years or older.

Some students at Tafuna High School have been suspended after exploding homemade bomb on campus.

The latest incident happened yesterday. Another explosion occurred at the school's concert last week , and the culprits were students from another school.