23 Dec 2009

Vanuatu follows leads in investigation into fake euros

11:50 am on 23 December 2009

Vanuatu's transnational crime unit says it's following some leads in its investigation into fake euro notes.

This comes after Johnson Naviti, from the prime minister's office, was questioned by police in Copenhagen after he was found to be in possession of fake euros.

He had exchanged the money in Port Vila shortly before flying to Denmark to attend the climate change conference.

The team leader of the unit, Wilson Abiut, says the investigation is in full swing.

"We have a few [suspect] names up front, but I could not mention them, but the investigation is continuing. We have approached a few witnesses at the moment but we haven't anything to say because it's still too early to give an exact information on the outcome."

Wilson Abiut says it wants to establish how many fake notes are in circulation.