23 Dec 2009

PNG expert chides Tuvalu over its climate stance

3:43 pm on 23 December 2009

A climate change spokesperson for Papua New Guinea has criticised the push by vulnerable Pacific countries for a strong legally binding agreement at the Copenhagen conference.

Tuvalu led a push by small island states for such an agreement, which led to a temporary breakdown in negotiations.

It also led objections to the Copenhagen Accord proposed by the US and other major emitters, which failed to deliver on its demands.

But Kevin Conrad, the climate change envoy for PNG's Prime Minister, said his country backed the accord because a legally binding agreement was out of the question.

He says Tuvalu's proposal was irresponsible and showed a lack of understanding of the negotiations.

"There were many small island states that absolutely delayed negotiations. Tuvalu's behaviour was absolutely outrageous, we lost days and days and days for some idea that wasn't even on the table, it wasn't even realistic."

Kevin Conrad admits the Copenhagen Accord is not good enough and says PNG will be advocating for a legal agreement as soon as possible.