29 Dec 2009

Fiji authorities advises to continue boiling water and to use purifying tablets

4:26 pm on 29 December 2009

Villagers in Fiji affected by Cyclone Mick are being urged to use river and creek water wisely.

The Health Ministry says although some treated water has been supplied, residents in Rewa delta and Nabua in particular, are relying on unclean water to bathe and do their laundry.

It's Chief Health Inspector Waisele Delai says there are ongoing concerns about people contracting water borne diseases and skin infections.

"The Ministry of Health has been advising on the use of this water mostly for bathing and washing. But we've also been advising the people for boiling and also the use of purification tablets for treatment of water, especially for drinking purposes."

Waisele Delai says so far there have been no reports of anyone contracting water borne diseases after using water from rivers.