4 Jan 2010

Uncertainty in Fiji over price controls after merger of institutions

1:42 pm on 4 January 2010

Fiji's Consumer Council says it's unclear whether some goods will remain subject to official price controls once two government institutions merge next month.

The merger involves the Prices and Incomes Board, that was responsible for monitoring and determining prices of certain goods, and the Commerce Commission.

The Commerce Commission has announced it'll continue to monitor the prices of basic items, including fuel and basic food products, in a bid to keep them affordable.

But the Consumer Council's chief executive officer, Premila Kumar, says there's still uncertainty regarding certain other products.

"It's not just the food items that the PIB was controlling. There were other things, like residential rentals that were under price control and medications. We're yet to hear in terms of what will be all under price control or if items will be taken out of the price control list so that we can monitor the market better."

Premila Kumar