5 Jan 2010

French high commissioner says electoral system no guarantee for stability in Tahiti

6:47 pm on 5 January 2010

The French high commissioner in French Polynesia, Adolphe Colrat, says the electoral system alone cannot guarantee political stability.

Speaking as a guest of RFO television in Tahiti, Mr Colrat noted that in the past year he has worked with four different governments.

Amid calls for reforms, Mr Colrat says there is little desire for a new statute, but a consensus is emerging to change the way the territorial assembly is chosen.

"The electoral law doesn't do everything. There is also this notion of responsibility that has to inspire us all, to begin with the elected officials. You can make the best electoral laws. If there is no will for someone just elected to remain loyal and let the common interest prevail, the electoral law won't be enough."

Adolphe Colrat.

Since 2004, the electoral system in French Polynesia has been changed three times.